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Windows to the Soul

Paintings can be starting points to explore yourself and what matters most to you. Introducing today's reflection questions ...

Art has the power to express emotions, ideas, and tell stories. However, we can also use art as a starting point to explore our own feelings.

Often, I look to my paintings and others' artwork as places to begin, where I can contemplate freely and find meaning. For my current series Love Letters to Mother Earth, I invite you to try using my art as jumping-off points to explore yourself too. I'll be sharing reflection questions for particular paintings. Think of my paintings as your own places to begin.

Begin, what? That's up to you.

painting by Nicole Javorsky

The painting above is titled “Window to the soul."I invite you to reflect on the following questions in any manner that feels comfortable for you, whether quietly in your head, by writing in a journal or notes app, or by sketching on paper, for example.

Here are the reflection questions:

- What are some windows to the soul you’ve experienced or find meaningful?

(For example, the eyes, writing, creative expression, nature, etc.)

- What does the phrase “Window to the soul” mean to you?

- When have you felt most comfortable in your own skin? And in that moment, what allowed you to feel more in touch with your genuine self or more secure in who you are?

- In what moments have you felt especially connected to others?

(For example, another person in particular, a group of people, or even a particular place or kind of place that’s meaningful or special to you.)

Feel free to choose just one question to focus on, more than one, or all of them - the choice is yours. What matters is that you try your best to approach this exercise with curiosity and openness. Whatever you find or experience right now - trust that it's enough. Your best is enough!

By Nicole Javorsky


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