About the author

Nicole Sylvia Javorsky is an artist based in New York City expressing the intricacies of being alive. 


The variations in texture, color, and line in her artworks are symbolic and represent different emotions. Nicole's art practice is fueled by how she lives her life, connecting ideas from surrounding nature, the human form, and the cityscape to questions and emotions she is grappling with at the time of making the artwork. While most of her paintings are abstract, some incorporate text and reference human faces and landscapes.

headshot of author Nicole Javorsky

Nicole's methods emphasize physical rhythm and motion. Her experience with singing and dance means that music is important to how she lives her life, and how she paints! Besides being an artist and musician (her music is released as Alice Celeste), Nicole has written for City Lab, Mother JonesCity Limits, The Hill, and CNN as a journalist who covered climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on New York City. She started a non-profit organization called Cubs for Coping at the age of 17 to engage young people in making unique, handmade teddy bears to give to people in hospitals, homeless shelters, and eating disorder treatment programs. Cubs for Coping began with a simple belief: that we all deserve compassion, love, and thoughtfulness in our times of need. The organization donated more than 1,000 teddy bears and enlisted countless crafty volunteers across New York over the course of its 7 years of operation. 


This spirit of care and community is a common thread in Nicole's work as an artist. It's important to Nicole that she share the stories and vulnerable truths behind her artwork, whether in-person, on Instagram, or in her online magazine/newsletter Chicken Doodle Soup.