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Why Buy Art?

It's more than obtaining a physical object. It's an act of support.

“We are not alone” painting by Nicole Javorsky
“We are not alone” | Painting by Nicole Sylvia Javorsky

Buying art is not just a way to bring inspiring energy and an object to reflect on into your physical space, though it’s also that.

Buying art is an act of support for artists.

It’s saying, “Hey, I want you to do more of this. I appreciate what you’re doing.”

Obviously, I love sharing my art and I want it to be accessible for everyone. That’s why I put effort into sharing images of my work, sending my newsletter, adding posts to my blog, and showing my work in person too.

For those who can, buying art is also an act of financial support for all the “free” work artists do.

Art isn’t a job to me. It’s a calling.

Yet many artists (myself included) deal with the challenge of balancing their calling with the reality of surviving and paying bills.

So buying artwork makes a huge difference in fueling this work, the physical creation but also the spiritual work that artists contribute to society.

So I want to encourage anyone who can to buy from artists, whether it’s from me or someone else.

You don’t need a reason.

You don’t need any fancy understanding of the art world.

Buy art because art is a gift.

Buy art to support artists and encourage them.

Buy art to literally help them keep going.

By Nicole Javorsky


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