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Making Music In the Raw

Sharing my new album and an upcoming performance on Dec. 3!

Last week, I released a new album called In the Raw! It shares a title with my most recent series of artwork.

These songs are all about letting myself create and share naturally while exploring the blocks that come up.

I’ve dealt with so much doubt and fear around something so human, natural, beautiful, and honest. And I think that sometimes I want to just get rid of those feelings when in reality, it’s okay to feel and work through those feelings and that doesn’t have to stop me from being who I am and sharing my art, my music, my writing, my heart, my true self.

I recorded all of these songs in May, most at home in my art studio and one outdoors. It was right before my first performance of my improvised songs, Radically Pure, at Clio Art Fair. These songs were my way of working through the doubt and fear I felt before this first live performance of my own music.

I sing a lot about the magic of being alive, about what I’ve survived including childhood sexual abuse, and what it feels like to have PTSD. The vulnerability of that makes it especially scary sometimes to share my music yet at the same time, that’s also what makes sharing my music particularly meaningful and important to me.

You can listen to In the Raw on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

P.S. Guess what? I’m going to perform at Rockwood Music Hall on the LES in Manhattan on Sunday, Dec. 3rd at 7pm, Stage 2!

[Updated on 11/4/2023] Get your tickets here.

Read more about my music and previous performances here. You can also find my music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or anywhere you listen by searching for Alice Celeste.


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