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Letting Go: Reflection Questions

Each passing moment is living proof of our power to savor the bittersweet and regard our lives as precious.

Hello my dearest Doodle Soupsters,

What are the parallels between changing seasons in nature and in our lives?

We use phrases like "winds of change," "weathering the storm,""another season of life," etc.

Nature can be harsh. Nature is a soft place to land too.

Standing still, staring at the sunset ... or the cardinal hovering over and up and down and hopping on the tree branch ... or the trees changing colors in the autumn ... until the leaves fall one by one ... until they stand bare against this gray sky, just as stunning, just different …

There is no separation, no dividing line between how my art reflects nature, how my art reflects humanity, and how my art reflects me.

The artwork at the top of this post is one of my favorites I made last year. It captures this duality: simultaneously rough/harsh/powerful (like the brisk wind slapping my ears and cheeks) and stunning beauty/calm/softness. The title is "Falling Leaves, letting go" ...

Letting go, healing, and moving forward isn’t the same as forgetting or living as if the past never was.

Healing is making meaning of the past. Healing is carrying the weight of what I know, freely grieving and knowing how to set it down when I need to, and knowing how and who to go to when I want help carrying it.

Healing is living in touch with who I am and all that I’ve experienced.

Healing is believing myself and believing in myself.

Healing is recognizing what can be redeemed, all the joy I’m experiencing and still to come while grieving what has already been lost and cannot be undone.

Healing is being here, recognizing what’s true, what has happened and the simple fact that each moment is new and holds possibility.

It’s not either or. It’s knowing there are many truths — they may seem opposing yet they co-exist.

My past continues to impact me and in that way, nothing can just be forgotten. Same for human history.

And yet I am still here. We are still here. Each passing moment is living proof of our power to savor the bittersweet and regard our lives as precious.

Today's Reflection Questions:

- What does letting go mean to you?

- What parallels have you noticed between nature and your life?

As always, you can respond to my reflection questions by commenting below, or simply reflect in your head or on paper.

Making peace with bittersweet,

Nicole Sylvia Javorsky


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