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Lesson Learned, From Rollercoasters

Even positive shifts can make you feel like the ground beneath you is unstable.

Hello again my dear friends,

I love rollercoasters: the crazier the twisty, upside-down loops, the better.

What I love most about riding a rollercoaster is once I’m all strapped in and the ride begins, all there is left for me to do is enjoy the thrill of barreling through the sky. Because once the ride begins, it’d be far more dangerous if you somehow squeezed out from under the safety belt.

Once you’re in, you’re not getting out until the ride has finished, but that's why the best you can do on a rollercoaster is accept your fate and enjoy the ride!

Outside of amusement parks, however, I often find myself fighting things I either cannot or do not wish to change anyway.

This week, I felt so inspired by positive changes like New York City steadily re-opening. I even went to a jazz club and got to watch my friend sing with the band during the jam session!

But, I’ve also been feeling some whiplash. Even positive shifts can make you feel like the ground beneath you is unstable. Yet, I'm realizing the ground beneath me doesn’t have to be static and completely unwavering for me to feel safe and supported.

This upcoming week, I want to try to treat some new changes in my life like amusement park rides. Once I hop on the ride, I’ll try to accept my choice as best I can so I can enjoy the wind blowing my hair all over the place, as the trajectory of the rollercoaster puts pressure on my neck, slamming my body against the cool metal.

Rollercoasters sound terrifying and uncomfortable when I describe them like this, and yet I think they're a good time! I can learn how to feel more of the thrill and less unsettled by life’s whiplash and flips and quick turns.

Whether you’re experiencing positive changes, negative changes, both, a messy mixture, or if you’re experiencing a moment of stillness, I invite you to join me in trying to be okay with whatever this week brings us.

With the power of chicken doodle soup ours to share,

Nicole Sylvia Javorsky


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