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Building Our Village

I hope that my art plays a role in connecting others to their village.

To my most special doodle soupers,

I made a new friend recently, a musician, artist, and writer named Brooke. She uses the word "village" to describe the group of like-minded people who you support and who support you.

Your village accepts you for who you are, bringing you closer to your truth and helping you become more intimate with the spaces deep within your soul. Your village makes it safer to be vulnerable and to share your truth, because you know you're not alone.

Yesterday, Brooke and I met in person for the first time and traded paintings. We have similar walking habits - noticing details in our surroundings that strike us like heart-shaped leaves or yellow and black vases calling to us from a balcony in a building across the street.

I hope that my art plays a role in connecting others to their village.

One of my goals is to start conversations about human connection, life struggles, spirituality, and connection to nature. And of course, I want my paintings to help spark these connections! But I also want to use my voice to start these conversations. That's one reason why I write and make such an effort to share the stories behind my artwork in addition to the work itself.

Yours with lots of hope from the village we've building together,

Nicole Sylvia Javorsky


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