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Being Soft is Hard Work

In simply allowing ourselves to be who we are, we help others feel more comfortable being themselves too.

art exhibit at the other art fair in Brooklyn

To my dearest doodle soupers,

Being soft is hard work.

Standing in front of my artwork and being willing to share where my art comes from, what I’m about, felt exposing and vulnerable at The Other Art Fair in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, this past weekend. It was challenging and really difficult at times.

And yet, there were people who stopped and looked for a while. I could see the attention and care they took with looking at my art on their faces and in their body language.

There were those who listened intently and asked thoughtful questions as I shared the truth about my art - how my painful life experiences led me here, the joy of freely expressing, feeling, and making without thinking or critique, what color tells me about emotion and vice versa, my thoughts on love and transcendence. And, I met other artists, including other participants and visitors to the fair, who inspired me on a deep, inner level.

These moments validated my act to fill up space and share myself. And each of these moments alone made it worth it for me to share my art with vulnerability, honesty, and softness.

art exhibit at the other art fair in Brooklyn

Also, I need to send my gratitude here! Thank you to my sweet friends who came and my sweet friends who couldn’t come but sent such encouraging messages. Whether you supported me and my art with a text, purchase, conversation, hello, expressing yourself and sharing, or the beautiful and simple act of witnessing, I appreciate you! So much.

art exhibit at the other art fair in Brooklyn

My hope is that each of us (including myself!) find strength to be ourselves in all our messy, beautiful, REAL glory. And in letting ourselves just be, we give others a boost to feel more open and free to be themselves too.

You being you, me being me! All the while, we help each other see the beauty and freedom of trusting that being human is enough. We don't need to be more and we don't need to be less. You being you is the best person you can be, for yourself and everybody else.

Yours in patience and truth from the mushiest part of my soul,

Nicole Sylvia Javorsky


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